Statements & Endorsements

Statements and Endorsements

ANC 3/4G Candidates Forum

Chevy Chase Citizens Association hosted a Candidates Forum on Zoom on September 17, 2020. Robert Gordon, CCCA First Vice President, served as Moderator. Samantha Nolan, CCCA Neighborhood Watch Committee, served as timekeeper.

Here are the candidates who are running in this year’s election:

  • Lisa Gore, 3/4G-01
  • John Higgins, 3/4G-02
  • Randy Speck, 3/4G-03 (incumbent; current ANC Chair)
  • Stacy Beck, 3/4G-04
  • Michael Zeldin, 3/4G-04
  • Connie Chang, 3/4 G-05
  • [Write-in Candidate], 3/4G-06
  • Chris Fromboluti, 3/4G-07 (incumbent; current ANC Vice Chair)

Candidates provided statements to the CCCA September 2020 Newsletter which you can read, including mine, here.

Watch the video of the Candidates Forum posted on the ANC 3/4G YouTube channel, courtesy of current District 5 Commissioner, Jerry Malitz, who also provided quick links to time stamps for ease of viewing below:

00:00:00 Introduction of Candidates and Format
00:03:30 Candidates Opening Statements
00:14:25 Questions & Answers
00:56:04 Candidates Closing Statements
01:02:50 Moderator Closing Remarks

VOTE411 Voter Guide

“Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in October of 2006, is a “one-stop-shop” for election related information. It provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information.”

You can read my full response in the VOTE411 Voter Guide here. If you wish to search for candidates of all DC offices who ran in the 2020 General Election, you can go to the main page here and search for their responses.

Greater Greater Washington Questionnaire

The Elections Committee of Greater Greater Washington, which is a volunteer, non-profit organization that promotes walkable urban communities, circulated questionnaires to all ANC candidates in all of the single member districts and received 192 responses. They endorsed candidates in contested races and did not endorse candidates running unopposed. You can find their endorsements here, and my full responses to the questionnaire that appears in their PDF on pages 57-59 here.

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates (W3BA)

Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates sent out a questionnaire to all ANC candidates in the ward gauging their support for cycling infrastructure improvements. You can find their endorsements, including for my candidacy, here and the candidates’ full responses to the questionnaire, including mine, here.

Personal Endorsement

As I have previously indicated I will not be running again to represent 3G-05. Be that as it may, I have known Connie Chang, who is running, for most of the 17 years my wife and I have lived in Chevy Chase and I feel very fortunate that Connie will be 3G-05’s new Commissioner. Her work and energy speak volumes and 3G-05 will have fantastic representation.” — former ANC 3/4G-05 Commissioner, Jerry Malitz, quoted in his October 2020 edition of Chevy Chase News & Notes here.