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DC’s Chevy Chase neighborhood looks to reverse its history of exclusion December 3, 2021 Greater Greater Washington

“With this new focus on equity, the Chevy Chase planning effort has the potential to benefit from input beyond the usual suspects of affluent, mostly white, long-time homeowners. To broaden the reach of the public engagement process, ANC 3/4G conducted “Information Exchanges” in the fall of 202[1]. In one session in September, Commissioner Connie Chang convened three residents living in Chevy Chase apartment buildings to learn their perspective and how they’d like to see the neighborhood change. One of the residents who spoke explained how the District’s affordable housing Inclusionary Zoning program enabled him to find an apartment in Chevy Chase, a neighborhood he said enjoyed living in.


The session put a face on the residents who might live in new buildings that many say would be “inconsistent with the character of the neighborhood.” All the participants said that the only way they can afford to live in this neighborhood of multi-million dollar single family houses is the limited availability of apartments and condominiums.