About the ANC 3/4G

When Were ANC Commissioners sworn in?

ANC Commissioners across the District were sworn in on January 2, 2021 to serve a two-year term. At minute 13:54 you can see me on the bottom right of the screen in the recording of the ceremony here.

Who Serves on the ANC 3/4G?

ANC 3/4G has seven Single Member Districts held by:

___________________________, 3G-07 (vacant as of Oct 12, 2021)

Commissioner Peter Gosselin, 3/4G-06

Commissioner Connie K. N. Chang, 3/4G-05

Commissioner Michael Zeldin, 3/4G-04

Commissioner Randy Speck, 3/4G-03

Commissioner John Higgins, 3/4G-02

Commissioner Lisa R. Gore, 3/4G-01

You can find contact info and bios of the current slate of Commissioners here.

Curious about ANC 3/4G’s Rules & Bylaws?

You can find the current Rules & Bylaws governing the ANC 3/4G here.

When are ANC 3/4G Meetings Held?

ANC 3/4G meets biweekly. During the pandemic, meetings have been held over Zoom the second and fourth Mondays of the month. A draft agenda is posted a week prior on the ANC website. The calendar of meetings can be found here. You can find links to the agenda, video recording, presentations, etc to meetings here.

Interested in watching prior ANC 3/4G Meetings?

Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe here.