About the ANC 3/4G

When Were ANC Commissioners sworn in?

ANC Commissioners across the District were sworn in on January 2, 2021 to serve a two-year term. At minute 13:54 you can see me on the bottom right of the screen in the recording of the ceremony here.

Who Serves on the ANC 3/4G?

ANC 3/4G has seven Single Member Districts held by:

Commissioner Christopher Fromboluti, 3G-07

Commissioner Peter Gosselin, 3/4G-06

Commissioner Connie K. N. Chang, 3/4G-05

Commissioner Michael Zeldin, 3/4G-04

Commissioner Randy Speck, 3/4G-03

Commissioner John Higgins, 3/4G-02

Commissioner Lisa R. Gore, 3/4G-01

You can find contact info and bios of the current slate of Commissioners here.

Curious about ANC 3/4G’s Rules & Bylaws?

You can find the current Rules & Bylaws governing the ANC 3/4G here.

When are ANC 3/4G Meetings Held?

ANC 3/4G meets biweekly. During the pandemic, meetings have been held over Zoom the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. A draft agenda is posted a week prior on the ANC website. The calendar of meetings can be found here.

Interested in watching prior ANC 3/4G Meetings?

Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe here.