COVID Alert Notice

DC COVID Alert Notice | DC CAN

Cases of coronavirus are on the rise as we head into the 2020 winter season. To help with contact tracing efforts, please consider opting in to DC’s Exposure Notification System which uses bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology to alert you of an exposure. Once you opt in, your phone works to communicate with other phones to exchange privacy protected random IDs using BLE technology.

For more information on DC CAN and how this works, go here.

To make sure you can receive alerts on your iPhone, if you own one, go to “Settings,” scroll down to find “Exposure Notifications,” and make sure “Availability Alerts” is turned on for you to receive notifications.

An article published in the Washington Post on November 20, 2020, “A Covid-fighting tool is buried in your phone. Turn it on,” provides more background on the efforts of public health authorities and the importance of opting in. Currently, fifteen U.S. states and territories including DC support an exposure alert system with several more states joining soon.