MoveDC: DDOT’s Plan for 2045

MoveDC is DDOT’s long-range transportation plan. It envisions how we want our transportation system to look and operate in 2045. This survey will help DDOT understand what District residents (and visitors) want for our transportation future. For more information, see:

In 2014, moveDC established a 25-year vision for the transportation system for the District of Columbia. The moveDC 2021 update will build upon the existing plan and will create a mobility priority network, including bicycle, freight, and transit modes, demonstrating how DDOT will meet its future goals. Your input matters! Please share this survey with your friends and neighbors.

moveDC starts with goals – Goals help us focus our actions and investments for the next 25 years. The goals and policies will directly connect to strategies (like building more bike lanes or how to prioritize maintenance activities) and how we measure our progress. Eventually, the metrics will drive how we select projects.

Equity is rooted within moveDC – Equity is rooted in moveDC goals, policies, strategies, and performance measures in guiding decision making and strengthening community engagement to ensure public investments in transportation justly benefit all residents, visitors and commuters.

Take the online survey here.The survey asks for input on moveDC’s goals, policies, mobility priorities, and info about the respondent.